Y-Alarms (S60 3rd) 0.51

Set multiple alarms on your phone


  • Configures multiple alerts
  • Simple to program


  • Pretty ugly
  • Lacks advanced alarm functions

Not bad

Yet again, my alarm failed to wake me up properly this morning and consequently I was late for work (sorry boss, if you're reading this). So I decided to install this application in an effort to properly alert myself to when it's time to be doing something.

Y-Alarms allows you to program and activate multiple alarms on your mobile phone. Besides using it to wake you up, you can set alerts for things like the time you're supposed to arrive at work, the start of your favourite TV series, and the times of meetings, classes, appointments, etc.

Unfortunately, because the app is still in development stage there are a number of features missing, such as the ability to set different alarms for different dates, and the graphical interface is pretty awful to look at too. Nevertheless, it provides a useful way of programming multiple reminders, so I won't have any excuse for being late for work tomorrow. Drat.

Y-Alarms adds smart alarm management to all Nokia Symbian 60 3rd Edition that lacks from the original clock alarm. This is multi-alarm applications that comes with cool functionality. You can set your own workdays and customise the alarm time for each day.

So you don't need to turn on the alarm before you sleep. Unfortunately, this beta version doesn't not allows you to change the alarm sounds yet. It also require WriteDeviceData capability too.



Y-Alarms (S60 3rd) 0.51

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